Does gltf support animation visibility in blender

can I make my mesh invisible for a period of time . Because gltf not support material alpha then I thought how can I make it invisible. can I import visibility animation from blender?

glTF supports material alpha, but not visibility or alpha animation.

For setting up (non-animated) alpha, see

so sorry for that. Many of my animations have the case that the object is invisible in first few seconds and then show up. Is there any alternative method to achieve this if I don’t want to write code in three.js since that might be a huge task

The easiest thing would be to use a “constant” (or step / discrete) interpolation on the animation in Blender to move the object from somewhere outside the visible area (e.g. 0, 9999, 0) to its intended position instantly.

like it , I shall try,:pray::handshake: