Importing Binary FBX Animation From Mixamo, failure after failure after failure

Hey gang!

I have exported a binary FBX animation from Mixamo. (Here is the file:

I tried importing the Binary FBX with the FBX loader under doob’s dev branch. It loads the file in about 10 seconds, then bizarrely causes the computer to hang for about three minutes before playing back the animation. (Opened an issue here,

I tried exporting GLTF from Blender. Failed : (

I tried exporting ASCII FBX from Blender. Failed : (

I tried exporting a three.js JSON from Blender. Failed : (

It is my first time using Blender so maybe I am just doing something daft. Or maybe this is unpossible. Anyone out there have success with Binary FBX into three.js who could share their workflow?

Thanks x1000

I realise that this is a very late reply, but this is working fine now - there have been quite a few updates to the FBXLoader in the last while, so perhaps one of them fixed it.

Very cool thanks. I will do some tests today with the updated FBX library :)))
BTW what viewer are you using in the video? I notice there is an ‘Export to JSON’, that looks handy.

Its my own experimental viewer.