Blender fbx exporter can't load in threejs

I load animation from mixamo without skin, and process in blender. I export the result from blender, but it can’t load in threejs, and doesn’t show any error.
m02_cry.fbx (575.4 KB)

Could you share the .blend, not just the .fbx?

We recommend exporting to glTF (.gltf or .glb) when possible — FBX is not a great workflow on the web for a number of reasons.

Thanks for your reply! The following is my blend project file, I just want to get the animation of the skeleton, so I export to fbx. But it can’t correctly load by threejs.
hiphop.blend (6.0 MB)

I’m exporting to glTF with Blender 3.3.0 Alpha, and the result does contain an armature and animation. The structure of the armature and the model you’re attaching the armature to must match exactly, so I would assume that you’ll need to export the base mesh in the same way from Blender.

hiphop.glb (1.0 MB)

I find the problem is the selection Automatic Bone Orientation when importing fbx to blender. If select this and use the export result in three.js, the body of the digital man will be warped. But if don’t select this box, the bones of the armature will be chaotic.

I don’t know why and wonder if anyone encounter the same problem. Looking for your reply, thank you!