FBXLoader is only loading parts of a model? Or random shapes?

I’m beyond confused by this- just trying to simply import fbx’s with animations. In node.

After https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57896611/three-js-animation-mixer-not-playing/58084349#58084349 I switched my npm package for FBXLoader to the more recent https://www.npmjs.com/package/wge-three-fbx-loader , and I am able to get ONE model animating - the default samba dancer. It isn’t all the way there, however - just parts:

Even weirder is, when I export a default cube from Blender, even having read about sizes here How to import an .fbx object from Blender I dont get a cube but instead:

Trying another skinned human mesh I get a circle:


What is going on? Whole repo can be cloned at https://bitbucket.org/skyyguy1999/deadends/src/master/.

I don’t know about your problem, but did you try exporting GLTF instead of FBX ? It’s the recommended pipeline with Three.js, and the Blender GLTF exporter works well.

Another benefit of GLTF is that you can use DracoLoader, which is really an awesome tool as it can reduce your model size to a quarter of what it was, so the page loads are way faster.

Skylar_Thomas these NPM packages are maintained by random people and are generally very out of date. This is the official three.js package:

Can you try loading the FBXLoader from there?

I’ve had problems with the GLTF exporter with Blender 2.8. Are you able to get it to work?

Thanks, but after installing the package Im not sure how to reference FBXLoader. I tried var loader = new FBXLoader(); and got error Uncaught ReferenceError: FBXLoader is not defined

import { FBXLoader } from 'three/examples/jsm/loaders/FBXLoader.js';

Ok. When I do that I get the error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '!' Where are you getting FBXLoader.js from? Maybe mine is out of date?

That sounds like you have an extra ! in somewhere. Can you share your code here?