FBX model shows abnormal

Hi all
To load Fbx Model using FBXLoader.js, but still failed to load it normal.
From Unity

From Three js (FBXLoader)

@looeee can you help me .?

Can you please share the FBX model in this topic?


Can you try the FBXLoader from the dev branch? There was a fix added a couple of days ago that might help.

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i try this but not work error( FBXLoader.js:60 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘itemError’ of undefined)
at FBXLoader.js:60

loader.load( url, function ( buffer ) {

			try {

				onLoad( scope.parse( buffer, path ) );

			} catch ( error ) {

				setTimeout( function () {

					if ( onError ) onError( error );

					scope.manager.itemError( url );

				}, 0 );

Please share the model here.

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Please send me anything on this email

@mohammad_alremawi if you don’t share the model here then we cannot help you.


This Model : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sBvZJrSS3IRntiJW3oqWFs5d9Ceus5LO/view?usp=sharing
@looeee @Mugen87

I can confirm after importing into the dev version of the three.js editor that the model is distorted as well as the animation.

You could try to convert the model from FBX to glTF with the following tool and see if it solves the issue.

Hmm, yeah the bone in the left arm looks to be inverted or mirrored on the X axis.

There’s also an animation that looks to be just 4 frames long with each frame a different pose. I haven’t seen that before.

@mohammad_alremawi what program was this model created in?

form Maya software

form Maya software

Can you check if “Segment Scale Compensation” is applied to the bones? You need to disable this before exporting.

See this issue:

after disable Segment Scale Compensation

OK, thanks for checking.

Can you create a new issue on Github?

Please share the model there and link to this discussion.