Fail to load FBX

Here is my fbx file .
wolf_02.7z (842.9 KB)

I test on
Editor has been occur the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘a’ of undefined
at FBXTreeParser.parseMorphTargets (FBXLoader.js:811)
at FBXTreeParser.parseDeformers (FBXLoader.js:729)
at FBXTreeParser.parse (FBXLoader.js:176)
at FBXLoader.parse (FBXLoader.js:151)
at FileReader. (Loader.js:189)

My questions:

  1. How to fix over problem?
  2. What is the standard type for fbx.
    Note: Please explain me, how to make a fbx in other 3D editor like Maya.

I can’t access this file, I don’t have a BaiDu account.

We recommend using glTF files, and there are many workflows to convert FBX files to glTF: Not all FBX files are supported by three.js, and there is no easy answer to guarantee your FBX file will work.

Thanks for your reply.
I uploaded my fbx.
Please check again.

Hm, there’s a lot in this file, for just a model of the wolf… 1000+ nodes and 62 meshes. I cleaned up some of that in Blender but it still seems to have a second of empty space at the end of the animation that I’m not sure about. Facebook’s FBX2GLTF produced the same issue, so it may be an issue in the file. Here are the Blender and glTF files I ended up with, if that’s helpful:

I changed a couple glTF export settings in Blender:

  • Disabled Geometry -> Normals
  • Disabled Geometry -> Materials
  • Disabled Animation -> Group by NLA Track