Interior Design Software built using threejs


We at Infurnia are building the world’s first completely cloud-based architecture & interior design software targeting professional users. The software has a lot of other features also, but I wanted to showcase two that we have built using threejs as the base.

First is the floorplanner - which allows you to create any kind of floorplans including multi-storey, staircase, doors/windows, multi-layered walls, etc.

An example -

Second is the interior design and landscape tools which allow you to create complete houses/buildings and furnish them with different kinds of furniture, including fully customizable modular furniture.

Two examples -

Our website is Infurnia

Thanks to the wonderful library that is threejs.


There is a popular cloud-based interior design website in China, maybe you would like to have a look: 酷家乐. Sorry that I didn’t find the English version.

Hmm, you have to scan a QR code with your phone and then receive an SMS to use that… that’s a new one for me.


Lovepreet_Mann Trying out your app now, very nice!

First impressions:

  • onboarding process smooth
  • interface looks very clean and usable
  • after I select a design, loading of the app is a bit slow
  • frame rate seems kind of low on my laptop - less smooth than I would expect for the complexity of the scene

In the console there are loads of image is not power of two messages. I suspect that’s the main reason for the low framerate and slow load. You can probably improve performance a lot by properly preparing your textures.

Your potted plants should probably be using alpha cutouts for transparency.

Chinese companies always ask for phone numbe😅.But their product is really popular. Just watch videos on the site, it performs nearly same in runtime.

Hey thanks for pointing it out. It doesn’t really come up in search so didn’t know about it. I have gone through their videos now, but it looks more like an advanced tool for consumers. Something like an improved Planner5D.

Infurnia is targeted more towards professional users, for example those who are using Sketchup or Twenty20 for interior design.

Thanks for the heads up though :+1:t4:

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Yes, performance optimization hasn’t really been the focus till now. We will be working on that in some upcoming releases.

Very cool stuff :slight_smile:

Some considerations for you:

  1. I wanted to place cupboard on the wall. I try to spin the camera around (using left click) but on
    mouseup it placed the cupboard.

  2. I try to click on the cupboard to be able to re-position it but there is no response.

edit: Tried clicking and dragging and there is a response, I would prefer it if I clicked on it and it “bound” to my cursor. But that’s just me, maybe worth testing.

Now i have to walk all the way outside to get some snacks.

Intuitively I looked for a toolbar for different modes, “Selection mode” or “Move/Panning mode” but there is not one.

(screenshot from autodesk maya)

Another solution may be: middle mouse button for rotating camera, right-click for panning, and left click for selecting/placing.

Maybe the orientation standards are different for interior design applications. Hope it helped :slight_smile:

Hey @ip3ly5 thanks for trying it out.

So there are a couple of things going on here. The first and probably most non-intuitive part is that there are levels to each design, and different levels are best suited for different things. If you see in the top navigation bar, you can see which level you are on. The floor level is best for creating a floorplan, but room level is the best for doing interior design and placing the furniture.

As for movement, you can single click any furniture item to select it, and then drag and move it. Again, works best on room level.

It works in a very similar way. Left click for rotating, mouse wheel for zoom in/out, right click for panning.

Yes, we’ve been thinking about this and may include it later.

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Im not sure I explained myself correctly.

The problem I have comes from left click being used for both rotating and placing/selecting. Mouse wheel zooming is good, but for rotating use mouse button instead of left click.

Or right click for rotating, it’s common

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