Floorplan using threejs

Firstly, my thanks to the wonderful framework called threejs. With threejs it’s become extremely easy to deliver dreams to all types of people. Using threejs I was able to deliver a floorplan solution that is also open source. The name is blueprint-js and the core engine driving the show is threejs. The performance is so good with so many wonderful features and possibilities solely because of threejs. So ideally this post is more or less dedicated to theejs itself. Thanks to those wonderful humans behind threejs.

Link to demo:

Link to repository:




Using Firefox, I’ve got this error in the console when I click with mouse:

ReferenceError: event is not defined[Подробнее] [bp3djs.min.js:114844:6](https://aalavandhaann.github.io/blueprint-js/build/js/bp3djs.min.js)

Hey thanks for letting me know. Well check the build file and update it. I was checking exclusively with chrome and didn’t do much in Firefox. Many thanks for this info.



Nice showcase! :+1:

Thank you very much.

This is amazing to see. How would one go about starting something like this?

I don’t get your question. Can you please elaborate?

This is an amazing platform!
Is there a way to convert a dwg file into the interface of three.js?

I believe there are many ways in which a dwg file can be exported to be used in threejs. Blender can do that for you. Then you can use either obj, collada, or gltf loader to import your Blender exported file depending on the formats you chose to export.


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Just discovered this! Awesome work!! :slight_smile:

Ooo this is awesome. Can you share some insight on how you did the wall-hiding? It’s so smooth

Hello, can you help me pls? I need move with furniture in 2D. Do you have any example? Thank you