I'm willing to compensate for the guidance and time of experienced senior developers

I’m a beginner in three.js (R3F) and currently working on a learning project similar to this: http://furnishup.github.io/blueprint3d/example/. I’ve encountered a roadblock and despite my efforts in searching for relevant resources on platforms like the three.js Discord forum and YouTube videos, I haven’t been able to find a solution. At this point, I’m open to compensating for assistance to move forward.

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I would luv to guide you, the link is not opening, checkout my threejs project

Ah, I just verified that it’s accessible for me.

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What exactly are the difficulties? The project you sent includes a lot of things. For example:

  1. Camera with limitations.
  2. Moving an object around the scene within a designated area (let’s take a regular chair as an example). You set the 3D cursor in Blender3D to the center of geometry or, for instance, to a leg of the chair. This point becomes the reference for the object’s movement or rotation in your scene. Then you determine whether the cursor is on the object, and if the left mouse button is held down, you remember the selected object. Subsequently, using “mousemove,” the object is moved within the scene. If the object goes beyond the scene, you stop the movement and create a .copy() of the object, applying a material with transparency (just create a material and set it to red, for instance).

Working with Floorplan Geometry: You create a grid mesh, take steps of 0.5 units on the grid, and work with the geometry (there might be an example somewhere, but I can’t recall it, and explaining it takes a while).

In reality, there are many things to consider, and it’s not entirely clear what specific difficulties you’ve encountered.

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