Instance animated skinned mesh


is there already a Threejs build-in method to instance an animated skinned mesh?
Like, I want to load a gltf-file, instance it, and then take it from there…

Any tipps, solutions, suggestions?

Many thanks

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I do not believe there is, but many people have made many versions of it that declare a new InstancedSkinnedMesh class that inherits/extends SkinnedMesh which implements all of the buffer attributes and other properties needed to create an instanced variation of it. Inputting the skinned mesh from your gltf-file into the constructor of that class could give you the result you are looking for. I am currently trying to create a smooth way to use this without any jenky-ness. I do not like the overcomplex-ness of shaders and bone deformation shader code. I prefer object-oriented code :slight_smile: