Noob help with setup / instances and animation

hey all. i’m basically trying for animated clockwork clock with countdown to specific date. i’m an artist not much java person, and struggling with some basic setup. i got the stuff working, meshes loaded, setup the lights and effects, got materials and even a object placement function, but i’m missing instancing of geometry and animation. i did dig through a bunch of examples, however everyone seems to do the general setup their own way, and many of them only do one part (for example they do instances but on boxes with no custom materials, or they do animation which is based on mouse pointer not world time)

  1. i’ve got a number of gltf meshes to place, each of them will have some instances, and assign them materials i’ve created in three.js. i’ve managed a function that does copies just fine, but not instances.
  2. based on world time, some of them need to have their transforms updated, for example rotate 360 degrees over 1 second, every 5th second. essentially on update, based on time in minute or second, i want to trigger some rotations on some objects.
    help please anyone?