How to use three.js to change the size and position of the imported obj model?

Hello, I’m a sophomore. I’ve seen other people’s recommendation on other websites. I’d like to ask you about it three.js1 Two questions
The size and position of the imported obj model can be adjusted three.js I’ve tried for two weeks, but I don’t know how to implement this function
If you know, please don’t hesitate to give me advice

Please share your current code as a live example or GitHub repo.

My GitHub address is GitHub - WZUchen/three.js at WZUchen-how-to-solve
You can view the zian.html See why
Hope to get your advice

Unfortunately, your app is broken when I host it on a local server. The paths to JS files are wrong, the library files are outdated (you are using r69) and the app code itself has a lot of issues.

I suggest you start completely fresh with studying a few three.js and JavaScript tutorials and then use the following example as a starter template: three.js webgl - loaders - OBJ loader

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If you’re new, check out beginner examples.



BeginnerExample // … step 03: load 3D models -


Also read the things at the bottom of the page.
2021-03-23 15.47.34

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much for your advice. As a beginner, I am very happy to get your advice

Thank you very much. As a beginner, I will listen to your advice carefully