How to make a shiny transparent material?

Hi everyone, that’s my first question here, but I think that you will see me often asking dummy questions :sweat_smile:

I tried to play with MeshPhongMaterial, but I cannot achieve what I need : a transparent material with a not-transparent white highlight (like the reflection of a lamp on a transparent glass).

If I set the material transparent = true and set opacity on 0.3, the highlight created by the shininess factor will be 0.3 opaque, whereas I want a strong opaque white.
What direction must I follow to make this ? I’ve looked PBR material in Blender with GLTF export, but I cannot find a way to do it with the Khronos plugin either. Need I dive into coding shaders ? :cold_face:

Can you please post a screenshot of your intended visual outcome? This makes it easier to determine if a custom material is necessary.

Finally I just found a solution by myself, in an example I found here :

The solution was to set premultipliedAlpha to true

I tried and here is the result :