How to make 3D waterfall?

Hello everyone!

I just wanna ask it is possible to make 3D waterfall like this one in three.js?


I know it’s not at all the same style but you should have a look at this amazing shader by @Mugen87

If you really want a realistic waterfall you will need particles, there is a couple options for you. You can create points and points materials like this or like this. Alternatively there is some libraries that could help you, like this one or this one.


Three is quite compatible with things you can create in Unity / Unreal - try to combine particle frameworks @felixmariotto shared with any tutorial from YT and you should be good to go (same applies to shader tutorials for Unity.)


Wow, it looks great!
Thanks @felixmariotto and @Mugen87 for a great demo. Look awesome!

Thanks @mjurczyk for a great tutorial.
I’ll take a look then :smiley:

Just to add to your options - you might be able to create an animated waterfall in a modeling program like Blender and then load it into your three.js program.

And, regardless of whether you use three.js or Blender, you might be able to simplify the design by creating a static model of a waterfall with a basic blue background and then overlay that with a transparent texture that will give the appearance of water flowing downhill.

Just some thoughts.

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