Realistic rain/snow fall with threejs

In ThreeJS, how do I make a realistic rainfall animation? My goal here is to add splash effects and make the raindrops appear 3D.

I tried two approaches to make this.

  1. I attempted to make the animation using buffer geometry.
  2. I used Blender’s particle system and exported it to GLTF using a script.

However, each of these options has a drawback.

  1. I can’t figure out how to get the splash or collision effect.
  2. The exported file is far too large; it is over 400 MB.

Is there any other way for me to achieve this?
Thank to everybody.

The phrase “realistic rainfall animation” is very subjective, as different people in different situations will consider different animations as realistic.

I’m somewhat confused by animating rainfall and showing drops in 3D. If you show a drop in 3D it must be zoomed to a level that the rainfall disappears. And vice versa – if you look at a rainfall, it is impossible to observe the 3D-ness of individual drops.

In any case, here is some non-realistic rainfall: Ghosts in the rain
And some non-realistic snowfall: Happy New Year


Thanks you, your rainfall and snowfall is what i was looking for

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