How to Export Unity assets and load it into three js?

Hi. I would like to export some assets from unity, for example materials and meshes. They end in .asset format.
How can I export these so that I can import the exact same assets into threejs?
Thank you !

I’ve only seen the following related project in the past but unfortunately it is not supported since several years.

Ok. Thank you for your reply !

Unity has an FBX exporter so you could try that

Then import it with the three.js FBXLoader or use FBX2GLTF to convert it to glTF.

Then there are a couple of expensive exporters on the Unity store, for example

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Did you end up solving this problem?? I find myself in a very similar situation, any guidance would be super appreciated!!

Hey, we released Needle Engine into Open Beta two weeks ago :slight_smile: :blush: