Package a simple unity scene into web(threejs )

Hi,guys!I have a few questions to ask,thanks.![
These are the two functions I want to achieve at present. Do you have any suggestions or plug-ins like this:

  1. Package a simple unity scene into web;

  2. Convert web3d things such as threejs, babylonjs and unity scenes to each other;

Thank you all.


Packaging a unity scene for the web should be simple enough. Unity has an exporter for WebGL to make games playable in a browser: Unity - Manual: Building and running a WebGL project. If I remember correctly it has some limitations in terms of supported browsers.

For the second question: Threejs has exporters for many many open formats (like .glTF and .obj) you should be able to use those to export your scene from threejs and importing it into Unity. I’m not sure if Unity allows export in the opposite direction but .glTF is probably still your best option.