Creation of a human digital twin with threejs or unity?

We are creating a digital twin of a human from analyzing videos and we don’t if we should be using threejs or other softwares like unity or blender
Final digital twin should be rendered onto a web application
Which of these would be more compatible and easier for the web application and Why?

Three.js = javascript 3D library, 100% relies on your coding skills and pretty much everything has to be coded by hand, three just serves you an API to draw triangles in the browser.

Unity = game engine.

Blender = 3D modelling software.

The three options you’ve listed have not much in common (they are part of a single workflow, but their functionality has not much overlap. In Blender you create a 3D model, you export it, then you can use said model inside Unity or with Three.js to deliver it to your users.)

Out of these 3 options only three.js is really a choice :see_no_evil: (there are other options, like babylon.js, pure WebGL, pixel-streaming etc. But neither Unity nor Blender are in any logical way compatible with browser or able to create a web application.) You can also try exporting Unity projects to three.js via


I shall look into it and get back to you because this involves ML algorithms to take the posture of the person from the videos and create a digital twin with those coordinates considering these aspects would you still suggest to go ahead with threejs or unity?