How to clear a blurred image

I made a view with 3d file.

and I found the blurring on the center of face (the right girl).

Just I uploaded the same model on the sketch fab (the left girl) and it is very clean.

I dont know take effect and what I should threejs’s functions.

When I adjusted FOV and etc, I couldn’t.

Please let me know the right solution.

Stab in the dark because I’m on the phone and can’t really see the blurriness but you can try to set your textures .minFilter to something like THREE.LinearFilter

you cant distingush easily because the smart phone’s pixels are very tiny and higher the quality of image. but if you see on the screen, you can find the fault.

OK, I will try the function following what you said and inform on here.

Thank you

Not a func, property of Texture class , just do yourtex.minFilter = TREE.LinearFilter