Problems with images qualities, borders, performances

Hello, i’m a begginer of threeJs, i’m facing some diffilculties and i hope someone could help me.

  1. I wan’t to have the best quality on my images but they are blured

    I try this:
  texture.generateMipmaps = false
  texture.minFilter = THREE.LinearFilter
  texture.needsUpdate = true

But the result is strange as if it’s pixelated.
Capture d’écran du 2022-05-24 16-13-15
Capture d’écran du 2022-05-24 16-14-20

Does it exist something to have a better result? I wan’t something like background-image cover in css

  1. Is it possible to have a border just on a specific face of cube and not on the whole cube?
  2. Do you have some tips to increase my performances?

Thanks for your answers !

Hello! Try anisotropy.

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Yes it’s better now, thanks !!