How can I get clothing texture?

Hi there, how to get a material and texture of clothing, for example a Jacket? And How can I change colors it?

Example Jacket with clothes folds

Example textures and mini-shadows


Hi !

To get this kind of texture, you have to use PBR material. The usual way it to use Blender to apply different textures to your model (like normal map for instance), which combined create a rich surface like on your pictures. Once you’re done in Blender, export your model in GLTF, and import it in three.js. Your model material will automatically be converted to a THREE.MeshStandardMaterial, which supports this kind of things. You should use this awesome GLTF viewer coded with three.js to preview how it will look in your scene.

There is some websites where you can browse and download some PBR materials to apply to your models in Blender :

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@felixmariotto thank you for your answer, now how to I change the color to that texture? For example, I downloaded this texture, but I need change in the app that texture color on red, green and blue, that same texture.

Photoshop > Image > Adjustments > Replace Color,
But this is out of the scope of this forum.

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