Is that possible to change grouping layers base on texture file we have?

Hey i am trying to figure out in three js for avatar creation but focus on cloth
Let say i have cloth which has buttons, front pocket and collar

So user can choose the option of buttons options, pocket options and collar options
And then they can choose which fabric color/pattern then

How i can tell the 3D illustrator for that method/way to implement it on three js?

Is that calling uv mapping ? Right? And is that must be PNG file for the texture? Right?

What should material i told the 3D illustrator for that for very comfortable in threejs?

Thank you guys :pray:t4::pray:t4:

Depends on how deep you’d like to dive into complex 3D stuff, and how the final effect should look. If your characters look like:

Then you can easily just use CanvasTexture to combine several PNGs into a single composed texture and apply it to your character (in that case things like pockets, buttons etc. will be flat on the surface.)

If you’d like to make clothes composable of 3D elements - so having the pockets, buttons, and shapes in 3D - you’ll need to prepare the model in a composable way that’d allow swapping parts of the model on the go.