Best way to add a dress to a model (clothing)

I have a non-animated human body object that I am loading it via GLTF loader - if here is a suggestion to use different type of object, I am flexible to do that. I’m trying to put some clothes on this object, like a hoody or a T-shirt but I haven’t found any tutorial online, what is the best way to do that.

My goal is to put different types of clothing on this object, like as mentioned before either hoody or T-shirt or jacket and so on. I would also like to change the colors of the clothing, that is only the part of the clothing as well the whole clothing.

I would like to achieve something like this here:

Can someone give me a suggestion, what is the best way to achieve something like that?

Thank you.


Can someone give me a suggestion, what is the best way to achieve something like that?

Tbh, sounds like the best way to achieve that would be just to have the clothing presets prepared / prebaked in a 3D program - with an actual cloth physics simulation - and then just swap them with three :thinking:

Using cloth simulation and “dressing up” a static model on-the-go isn’t really all that easy, unless you’d use very dense meshes (noticed how games always cut away from characters when they put on their clothes, and there are so few scenes of a person actually putting their hand down a sleeve :eyes: ?)

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Thanks for the reply.
The thing is that I don’t really need any animation as such, because my characters/models will be static all the time. I almost wouldn’t need physics. I would like achieve something almost the same as on the picture in my post. I just need that the clothes are put on the characters and the fit the shape of its model.

And also that was an idea, as you mentioned, that I would have maybe 7 types of clothing/dresses preset that I would put on the character in the app. So basically I would dress the character with one of the preset type of clothing and fit them to the character’s shape - let’s say that it can be male and female character.

The issue for me is now, that I don’t know how to do that? How do I dress the character in my example? How can I put one object (cloth) on an another object (character) and make it fit?

Hello, have you solved this problem

Hi, have you solved this issue?