Change texture gltf onclick

Can a button be made to change the texture gltf using three.js or javascript?



It’s possible.
You can log the object and identify the meshes you want to modify material of, then change the value of material maps.

Thank you so much
I do not understand
Example here
what should I do

Please answer me

It should be something like this. You load the texture via the Texture Loader and apply it to a child mesh.

An example code:

wardrobeLoader2 = new THREE.TextureLoader().load('./textures/table42/textures/wardrobeorig.png');
			gltfLoader.load('./textures/table42/scene.gltf', (gltf) => {
                wardrobe = gltf.scene;
                wardrobe.traverse(function(node) {

                    if (node instanceof THREE.Mesh) {
			 = wardrobeLoader2;

Thank you so much