Hologram shader - actual hologram, and a not cool 3D effect

I’m trying to find a project/shader that prerenders and displays a hologram and a texture format to do it. What I mean is simulating an actual laser hologram not creating a cool Star Wars hologram effect. I’m curious if this could be used as optimization technique to prerender certain elements.
Laser holograms: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTKp9aGhhMc

One use case:

  1. Prerender a part of scene i.e. room interior view through the window into a special hologram format
  2. ​Use the prerendered data on flat texture of a window with a shader that handles hologram magic
  3. Now when the camera is outside the building and looking at windows from different angles the interiors are not being rendered but their holograms are being used

This is just an example. I’m not looking to solve this exact case just interested if anyone built something that simulates an actual laser hologram.

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This an effect of course. I don’t think this is using laser captured data or true holography. However, it is a very interesting effect. Could you represent captured data and display it in such a format? I think so.

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I built one in blender to animate certain visual effects, ie: scan lines, animated interference bulges, and working on drastic static glitches. Looks good.

Rendering holograms is called volume rendering which is used to render things like clouds, smoke, fire etc. webgl has a native texture 3d format to store volume data, there’s also an example in threejs: three.js examples
It is possible to simulate light rays through a volume to get the laser light kind of look. I once did a volume scattering effect with light scattering in a CT scan, you can see here: RealVol: Experiments with Volumetric Lighting - YouTube
You can search for volumetric scattering and god rays rendering to find more about this.

Also, the use case you are talking about is best solved with interior mapping, you can read about it here: https://www.proun-game.com/Oogst3D/CODING/InteriorMapping/InteriorMapping.pdf
Here’s a unity demo: Unity Shader Graph - Interior Mapping - YouTube
It’s already being used by a lot of recent games to render building windows from outside and get a 3d look.

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