Is there more examples about materials / texture3d / volume for webgl2

There is only one example of webgl2/materials / texture3d / volume. Is there an example of handling volume data in raw format?

You mean more examples code about 3D textures? Can you please explain in more detail what you mean with volume data in raw format?

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Yes.The three.js example uses THREE.NRRDLoader() to process data in .nrrd format. What should I do if I want to process the volume data in .raw format.

No, there is no example for this but it would be nice to have one :blush:

Iā€™m struggling a bit what .raw means. Is there a standard that describes the format of the data? Or does it just mean raw volumetric RGB(A) image data in a binary file with no meta information?

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you can watch this:
I try to build a volume rendering with and export of slices data, i export this as a mosaic of images, and interpolate all inside a voxel box.
next step for me: animate voxels data with a folder of many pictures provide from slices extraction of a simuation.