Hivearium cryptoart metaverse

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Hivearium’s HIVE MIND metaverse all stems from one central piece; the HIVE MIND MOTHER.

The entire HIVE MIND metaverse has been designed to be like an enormous synaptic and metamorphic cosmic geranium, whose appearance changes every time a user decides to explore its realm.

The Hive Mind’s appearance (Hivearium’s metaverse) will continue morphing perpetually.
Every single explorer will have their very own unique and unrepeatable experience, time and time again.
No two explorers will ever experience the Hive Mind the same way.

Nestled within this work of art is a golden disk containing Hivearium’s Hymn: THE HYMN OF BEES.
Stemming from this centerpiece, which began life as a physical piece and was then digitized in ultra-high resolution and which is now suspended at the center of Hivearium’s Hive Mind, are 50 synaptic branches which spread out radially in every possible direction.
Blossoming at the opposite end of every branch is a golden disk, which in turn leads to more branches that all spread out from it radially.
Each one of these branches leads to one of over one thousand metamorphic works of art, which were all created digitally.
These works of art include 2D pieces, 3D sculptures (the L.O.D.A.), videos and holograms.

Stemming from the central mother piece are fifty cosmic flowers bearing petals that are actually metamorphic works of art and beating hearts that are the fifty golden disks which each contain one of the musical metamorphoses of THE HYMN OF BEES.