Help regarding 3D simulation based configurator

Hi, I wanted to recreate a 3D configurator for my project. I have the blender file for the model but there’s no animation. This is the link to the original website with the configurator.

Configurator website

can someone tell me what do I need in order to recreate this. Requirements from both Blender model file and THREE.js

Which part specifically is causing problems?

Creating a configurator is a complex endeavour - so, unless you could specify which part is blocking you, the only possible answer to “what do I need in order to recreate this” is just “code it” :smiling_face_with_tear:


I need to work with react-three-fiber to integrate the model to my webapp. If you went through the link I shared you must have seen that it offers changes in the box width, pallet sizes and layout.

So, my question is .

  • if I get the model files(.gltf / .fbx / .blend) how do I change their dimensions from the react interface I am making.
  • if I change do manage to change the dimensions of my models how will my simulation work.

Is there any other way I could clone this configurator and dont have to make my own. :smiling_face_with_tear: