Creating a window configurator


Im new here and only recently discovered Three.js though a 3rd party. I am looking to make a window configurator for various designs. I was previously doing it in Autodesk Inventor using iLogic but this seems so much more fluid and adaptable however,i dont know much about it.

What would be a good starting point? Is there an editor or is it all code? Do i need to make solids separate and add them?

Is anyone will to provide a good solid starting point for me to get going?

Thanks so much

Three.js is 100% code, it’s just a rendering library. There three.js editor - but it’s more of a tech demo than an actual editor.

That gets a bit (not a lot tho) more complex if you don’t have a technical background - there are no “solids” in Three.js. Since it’s only a rendering library, it works only with meshes / geometries / materials - all the rest you’d need to code yourself.

If you don’t have much experience with coding 3D / webdev - three.js Journey may be a good starting point :relieved:



This provides a framework for both the frontend and backend, for adding more components.
Each delivery comes with example classes (specific to your needs), and you can also add your own. In fact you can edit anything, frontend and backend, which is written for nodejs in JS.


thanks for replying. Im .net programmer with very good C# knowledge. I am also a 3D engineering developer and write automation programs for 3D platforms so i have a good base.