Help finding example (3D sand head that you moved your cursor through)

Trying to find an example that I found on a random person’s portfolio that also linked to the github. It was essentially a model head that was a million pixels of sand. You would run your cursor through it which was a circle and it would essentially make those pixels fall to the ground as if you were pushing them away from the model. Can’t for the life of me find it. Not sure if anyone has seen or remembers this but any help finding it would be greatly appreciated!

That one ? Interactive Particles | Codrops

No, it was a 3D model. Like an actual 3D model that you could rotate. It was that default head and shoulders that you see in a lot of the examples on the main site. Your cursor was essentially a ball and dragging through the model would destroy that part of the model and all the pixels would fall to the floor. Thanks for trying!