Mr.doob's Magic Dust!

Mr.doob has a model of magic dust on his blog from a long time ago. Does anyone have any good links or videos so I can practice that sort of technique?
Or is someone willing to show me how?
Any help will be greatly appreciated :smile:[]

You might want give a link to that experiment, if you want better chances of people helping you.

got it, thanks

This involves whats called GPGPU, which is basically a different way of saying that you are porting parallel computation to the GPU to accelerate the calculation of repeated instances. The following examples should help you understand how you can perform this technique.


I would, also, recommend taking a look at Nicolas Barradeau’s Blog Post. It is somewhat dated, but he explains the technique itself in great detail. It should be useful to get more familiar with the concept.

Thanks @sciecode! really appreciate the help.

F12 in a browser like chrome will open whats usually called “dev tools” across browsers. If you hit that button when on that page, youll be able to look at the code and even pause it to see what it does and how it changes over time and after interaction.