Trying to replace model in webgl_lights_pointlights.html

Using Fusion 360 I opened the existing model file “WaltHead.obj” and having already scanned in my son’s head I recalled it to be as close to the existing model as possible. The model of my son’s head is made up mainly of a mesh. For simplicity I put the “obj” file in the same location as the “WalkHead.obj” and just changed the file spec. on line 43 to the new model, however I don’t see my model, the light orbs are rotating around something I just don’t see it.

Can anyone help?

The scale of the model could be still different to the original one. Consider to apply a white scene background and add OrbitControls to the example like so:

This will make it easier to debug the scene.

Thank you, I’ve literally just started playing around with this today. I’ve replicated your JsFiddle source and my model still doesn’t show up.

Do you mind sharing the model in this topic?

I would, can I attached it ? Or where could I upload it too?

Actually my latest edit has proven better, now I can see something.

Finally success !

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