**Some** model disappeared after loading

Hi all, I’m trying to create a simple 3d viewer for my customer website with threejs.org. Everything is good and getting an excellent testing result.

But I got a problem after go-live data-import. Some of my models cannot appear correctly !! (The problems model can load into ThreeJS Editor.)

After double check with console logging, I’m sure that the lighting and camera are correctly set. And the related mash is added to scene successfully (without any error message).


My Loading Script:

scene = new THREE.Scene();
scene.background=new THREE.Color(params.background);
var loader=new GLTFLoader(manager);
  function( loaded ){
    console.log('Loaded, adding scene...');
    console.log('my scene');


Full Script

Load successfully Model

Nothing Appearing Model

I’ve checked your code but unfortunately I was not able to see an obvious error. And yes, the second shared model actually loads fine in the official three.js editor.

I suggest you share live example that demonstrates the broken import.

My currently coding is here (with login account: testing/12345678; due to security reason, this account only can view).

After login:
Loading Successfully Model: “3D DRAWING” in side panel;

Nothing Appearing Model: click “Logo” under “3D DRAWING” in side panel. Then click “Without Logo”.

The problem solved. It should be due to the background is white, and the lighting is too over… orz.

Thanks any way.

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