HDR 3D Histogram / Inspector

Hi all,

It’s not unusual to receive converted, clamped, or even plain SDR files encoded as HDR from our clients. I’ve built a simple tool for people to inspect HDR files before sending them over to production, hopefully saving both parties some time, while educating people a bit in the pitfalls of HDR imaging.

Ofc this tool is very crude for now and lacks professional-grade actual inspection, but it serves the purpose as it runs in the browser where anybody in the workflow can test, thanks to WebGL.

Feel free to use, suggest, make a PR, drop the bombs etc. But please have mercy, it’s the first time I share a personal tool, not meant to go public. :sweat_smile:
All suggestions and criticism are welcome.

The idea is quite simple: Solids are in the SDR spectrum. Wireframes are HDR. You can toggle both, tweak the scale factors, change color etc, to better visualize.
Hope it helps more folks.


Thanks for sharing your work, although it is “a personal tool, not meant to go public”.

It looks impressive, although I do not have suitable files to really try it. If you plan to let others use it, you might consider providing some short explanation, tutorial and/or sample files.

The only issues that I found are:

  • if all folders in the control panel are opened, I cannot scroll and see the ones at the bottom
  • the shadow set by HRD|More|castShadow looks strange