UltraHDR & Three

I just saw that model viewer now uses ultraHDR. I had never heard of it, but its sounds pretty fantastic.

Does anyone have experience with it? Pros/Cons? I currently use RGBELoader and PMREMGenerator. Is this something that I can just rip out and use?

seems like you can just use it? there’s nothing really particular in that pr. GitHub - MONOGRID/gainmap-js: A Javascript (TypeScript) Port of Adobe Gainmap Technology for storing HDR Images using an SDR Image + a gainmap

import { HDRJPGLoader } from '@monogrid/gainmap-js'

const renderer = new WebGLRenderer()
const loader = new HDRJPGLoader(renderer)
const result = await loader.loadAsync('gainmap.jpeg')

const scene = new Scene()
const mesh = new Mesh(
  new PlaneGeometry(),
  new MeshBasicMaterial({ map: result.renderTarget.texture })
renderer.render(scene, new PerspectiveCamera())

scene.background = result.renderTarget.texture
scene.background.mapping = EquirectangularReflectionMapping

other than that, you can also get good results with EXR + DWAB compression, see GitHub - pmndrs/assets: 📦 Importable base64 encoded CC0 assets

would be interesting to see which one is faster actually. dwab has a little runtime cost.