Has anyone ever run into this strange tearing issue as seen on my shadow? I have a video included to show what I mean

Hey guys, hopefully someone here has seen this issue and can point me in the right direction, this is happening to any model I load into my app, and it always happens in the exact same spot. Is this a bug? My scene is very simple, it consists of two directional lights, a hem light, and a plane for a floor.

Please let me know if you’d like any more details.

Thanks heaps, Kyle

Is your floor a plane with 2 triangles? Try using more segments, it might be your plane being gigantic with just 2 triangles it might cause precision issues.


Ah thanks!

Is my best bet to subdivide the geometry? I’m battling to find current references to that Class but the closest I can come to is this

new THREE.SubdivisionModifier

However, that doesn’t appear to be a constructor

It is in the constructor of the PlaneBufferGeometry

It is just a guess i have from the video, i don’t know your code or what scales you’re using.

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Cheers, I’m loading a single plane for the floor and the scale is 5000,5000. So I’ll definitely try this out as my first port of call.

That fixed it right up, cheers!

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