GLTF scene objects with shadows becoming a 3D scatter graph of lines (sometimes!)

Received a recording of someone using my Three.js app with some unusual & undesirable behaviour:

As you can see the scene loads correctly (albeit a bit laggy, still needs optimizing), but when they go fullscreen the objects become a mess of lines.

The fullscreen functionality is not doing anything to alter the scene, all it does is resize the renderer.

The odd thing is why it doesn’t happen to the floor, walls or ceiling. Most of the objects have castShadow and receiveShadow set to true. The floors, wall and ceiling have only castShadow set to true.

The renderer is initialized with the following parameters:

  antialias:true, logarithmicDepthBuffer: true, powerPreference:"high-performance"

Also PCFSoftShadowMap is enabled in renderer.shadowMap.

I think this might be triggered by something relating to the combination of the shadowmap and the logarithmicDepthBuffer.

Any ideas what’s going on or how to fix it?

Does this happen with any of the official three.js shadow examples on your device?

If you can reproduce the problem with a minimal demo I would recommend filing a bug, as I’ve not seen this behavior before.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the bug myself, the video was recorded by someone else, and it only occurs occasionally for them. About 95% of the time they don’t have an issue. All of which makes it incredibly hard for me to debug.
The browser they’re using is Firefox 115.3.1 esr.

Was hoping someone might recognize the strange rendering issue and could offer some suggestions.