Having problems with lightning

I have downloaded a museum Blender file and I imported it to my project. The original blender file when i render comes like this:

That when i take off all the light sources…somehow blender adds a big light coming from outside.
When i open it on my threejs project it comes like this:

That after i placed a hemisphere light and a directionalLight outside.
Issue is no doubt the lightning but i cant see how to solve it.

You can’t really solve it - since Blender rendering engine is quite a bit way ahead of what web is capable of - the light outside creates a global illumination, which in turn lights up all the interior.

You can fake the pretty lighting using HDRI environment set as scene.environment though (example, code) - it won’t look the same, but definitely closer :relieved:

Ok i understand i cant recreate because blender has a better renderer…how can i try to recreate it?

Will try hdri. Would it also help if i put diretional light outside throwing light inside?

What to me makes it all bad is that i seems the light dont bounce from the floor to the walls it seems like if the walls had only that basic light we put to illuminate it all.

It is really hard to code light on threejs. I tried uploading the space on threejs editor and it didnt render. Is there a way to disable this light that cant be replicated on blender so that i can add light manually and import it to threejs?

HDRI will give vastly better results than placing individual lights in three.js, I would try that first. Post-processing for screen space reflections or SSGI might also help, but these are more complex.

Would like to thank everybody for the answers.
I managed to solve it by using glbf files instead of fbx files…seems glbf files get light from blender to threejs. The imported files works on theejs/editor and there i could do the final changes to work on my software.