GRASS GIS into three.js

Hello! I am new to three.js and new here.
The reason I am looking into three.js is that I want to visualize raster data from GRASS GIS 7 in a website. Does anyone here have experience with that? I tried to load vtk output of 3d maps but it does not render. Are there other formats that would work better?

As you say about vtk, have you looked at source code of this example?

Hi! Yes, that is what I used. I replaced my vtk for the bunny, but it does not render. That said, scale of my vtk is differnet (a DEM of a mountain) and it has three columns as opposed to the bunny’s 9.
Ideal would be gtiff or png, but as far as I have seen there is no support for those files.

give ur files

OK, simple solution: Use QGIS, install three.js extension. Renders gtiff exported from GRASS GIS directly into browser.