Render canvas ( context2d) content into some threejs renderer/object

First, this is my first post here.
i also tried to look for some response to my doubts but i found nothing, so here is the question:
i have a game in canvas (context2d) but i would like to know how can i make that canvas appear in threejs, i know the renderer in threejs is a canvas but i doubt if i can use it or it just only for rendering.

what i think is that i can use an object with a planeGeometry that can emulate some kind of screen inside threejs with an ortographic camera and change the texture of that object every thick with the canvas that should draw the game.

does anybody knows if they are some example for that or any idea?

Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

not really i was asking for a way to render in threejs the content of canvas 2d context, what i did and worked is that i created a planeGeometry object where i set the canvas as texture. But i am also looking for a better aproach. Thanks anyway.