GLTF model displaying differently in GLTF model viewer website compared to actual website

I’ve got a model that I’m trying to render, and I exported the punctual lights from blender as well which results in the model being rendered like this sandbox whereas if I view the same .glb file in the gltfviewer it displays the way I want it to.
I tried turning the toneMappingExposure down in the canvas element gl.toneMappingExposure = Math.pow(2, -7); but that only fixes the extremely bright rendering, the glow neon glow effect is still not there.

TLDR; Expected output when loading blender model

but getting this output

This is not a solution. This is just to increase the level of surprise. I found the well colored images inside the cards.

When I load your model in the Three.js editor, it is also very bright. It turns out, your lights have extremely high intensities (55.70, 59.68 and 79.58). When I make them 1, the cards look fine. I hope this helps a bit.

You probably want to enable physically correct lighting, my viewer does that. In R3F it would be:

<Canvas gl={{physicallyCorrectLights: true}} />

Another difference here is that R3F has ACES Filmic tone mapping enabled by default, and my viewer does not. I think either is a reasonable choice in this case. To disable ACES Filmic add flat={true} to the component above.


you’re right, once again:)
thank you!