Glops - development blog of my first personal game

Hiha :speech_balloon:

By this page, I would share each step and personal progress of my project game.
My objective is to publish this game here :



My target project game

A simple collider game with funny characters, a world and cool effects :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Actual preview :hammer:


Do you find this fun?

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  • :slightly_smiling_face: Yes it can do it…
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To fix :boom: …Thanks community

Oimo.js collision detection problem with the physic body :white_check_mark:

How to avoid intersections with a plane above a plane? :white_check_mark:

Problem with shadows shaking with the csm plugin only visible on a mobile :o:


Hi :speech_balloon:

I redesigned my enemies and took the opportunity to transform them into several instances. (1)

The next step is to assign a physical body to these dummies…


Hi :speech_balloon:

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) is effective for code review.

22 lines become 4 lines :yum:


Hi :speech_balloon:

:+1: Added physical bodies to 1600 instances (enemies and kind of green balloons )


The next step is to create a physical camera to avoid seeing the inside of my objects.


Hi :speech_balloon:

:keyboard: It’s done (camera with a physical body to avoid seeing the inside of my objects)



Hi :speech_balloon:

My current music for coding :

I like it… my mind and fingers are faster with it…:heart_eyes:

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Hi :speech_balloon:

Added a death effect for my enemies when they hit the ground :exploding_head:



Hi :speech_balloon:

Not at all the expected effect :sweat_smile: … my enemies are completely crazy :crazy_face:.
What a mess!
We’ll have to find out where the mistake came from, damn it…


Hi :speech_balloon:

Now I have punished them and they are traumatized, they do not want to move :rofl:

Hi :speech_balloon:

I improved the aesthetics of my player and especially the small particles behind him

Hi :speech_balloon:

I solved my own question in the topic => see the first post :yum:

Hi :speech_balloon: ,

:woozy_face: 15 days to solve :

  • problems with my shadows and the CSM plugin, appearance of streaks on my floor => just had to use a floor geometry!
  • performance problems on mobile => just had to redefine CSM and physics parameters with OIMO.js
  • My instances with a physical body that refused to levitate and inevitably fell over time.

15 days is a long time and really discouraging to produce nothing especially when you search every day in your head, the forums, the doc, but what a pleasure when you find the solutions!

Here is the lesson I can draw from it :star_struck: :

  • Always look at all the examples provided by a documentation or an engine (the answer to the problem of my instances appeared in an example where a terrain was illustrated, so with a priori nothing to do with my problem).

  • Stackoverflow remains an excellent way to find answers, even if I admit that the forum is very strict with rules, formatting, etc…

  • Always reduce a problem to its simplest expression.

  • Always use functions or classes with configurations and don’t parameterize anything in the functions or classes but with configurations.

With this system, you can make the code evolve as you wish.

  • Personally I try to avoid as much as possible: var something = something but rather var o={} (for object) and then o.enemy (this has the advantage to avoid a double writing var enemy; and then enemy = new Enemy(config)

  • Use functions that you call in the code to divide your work and make it more manageable, more manipulable.

  • use vim even if difficult to learn…but what a gain in the manipulation of the code!

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Yes @dubois thanks

The specific documents on oimo.js and specifically the terrain are here :

And this is my version :

Hi :speech_balloon:

Here is my new version :hugs:


Additions :

  • sleeping enemies
  • alternation between enemies+paths and big green balloons
  • ui design
  • effect when the player is "dead

Next step : have a dynamic camera :movie_camera:

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Nice game!

Would you mind to test if your games compiles with my “online build project”? And, compare the performance between capacitor amd cordova? Would help a lot. :grin:
Project website

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice app too.

I have tested with my game => exactly the same performance (60fps) as with cordova command-line :clap:

What makes me happy is that I see the possibility of producing on ios

But how do you put a icon game with this online tools ?

Cool glad it worked.

I made a template. You can modify the images in the assets folder.

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If you want, I can add the functionality to genenrate ios certs, and to upload the ios build directly to “app store connect”. So you don’t need a mac at all for the whole publishing process.
You still need an iPhone (soon iOS >= 14), in case you want to test it before publishing.

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Hi :speech_balloon:

My enemies are like me after this Saturday…:yawning_face:


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