GitHub Sponsor?

I was just looking at one of my repository’s settings and saw:

**Sponsorships **

Sponsorships help your community know how to financially support this repository.

It reminded me of a recent GitHub issue where the possibility of getting donations could be set up.

I saw mention of mr.doob wanting to set something like this up on a monthly basis and it looks like you can through “Sponsors”. Just thought I would pass this along as I hadn’t heard of it before ( Launched May 23, 2019 ) and it looks like it’s built into GitHub.

On the last article is a link to a waitlist… Just thought I’d share. Maybe something to at least signup for and hopefully it could be available soon. I’d sign up!

Keep doing awesome things

Oh cool. You guys have been so helpful. I’d chip in a few becks when I can :slight_smile:

Cool as!
For me, this is one of those parts of open source that everyone is thinking ‘of course’ but that is actually super tricky to get ‘right’. As soon as money/funding is involved some decent problems need good answers :sweat_smile: It’ll be interesting to see where and how open source sponsorship will be successful. I look forward to seeing how this progresses

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