Full-stack typescript, react and of course three.js - full time developer position

Full-stack developer with in-depth knowledge of Typescript, React, Node.js,
experience with databases, Three.js/WebGL and HTML custom elements are a strong plus.

Requires BS (Bachelor of Science) degree in Computer Science, or equivalent combination of Degree and experience.
Candidate is expected to have 5 to 7 years experience in full-stack development with demonstrated activity
using and / or contributing to Open Source projects.

This is a full-time salary W-2 or contractor 1099 position located in Washington D.C.

Tech Stack

  • Written in Typescript
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL server
  • Sequelize ORM
  • WebDAV-based file access
  • Passport authentication
  • AJV JSON validation
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • SQL database, MariaDB preferred
Web Client
  • Written in Typescript
  • React
  • Material-UI
  • Apollo GraphQL client

This challenging position will be responsible for enhancements and maintenance of internal application
and open source project for prestigious international research institution.

Please contact me at

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