Hiring: Junior/Mid level Full Stack Developer

We are a UK based startup that is building out an exciting and fun web based game. We already have a dedicated community, and have found ourselves growing quickly. We are looking for a talented Full Stack Developer, who has a passion for building games and learning new technologies.

If you have previously messaged us, and think you are right for the job, please feel free to message again, we were inundated with applications and are a small team so please do not be disheartened!

You must have:
Experience with Javascript/Typescript
Experience building games, with Unity or something similar
Experience with Node.JS and Express.JS
Able to work independently
Experience working with other people’s codebases

Nice to have:
Experience building with Colyseus
Experience with blender or similar

REALLY nice to have:
Experience building with THREE.JS or similar
Experience building your own game engine, or a deep understanding of how engines like Unity work

What we offer: Competitive salary (negotiable depending on experience)
Flexible working hours
Work from anywhere

If you are interested please add me on discord and message me your resume and relevant experience!


As a full-stack developer, I am very interested in your position.

Hi Joseph,
I would like to offer my skills for project.
Please check discord for request from same

Awaiting your response


Hi JoeySpen,

I have 7 years of experience . please give me your Email Id so I can send you my resume.

Thank you

Hey JoeySpen, I hope you are doing great.

I have more than 5 years of experience in Full Stack Development including ReactJS and NodeJS as a frontend and backend technologies respectively.

Please share your requirement details or your email address so we can discuss on this in detail.

Looking forward to receiving your email soon.

I am interested and will not say this only , I do have done some work to showcase that might make you understand my skills .
This is my recent project I am working on with three.js , react three fiber , cannon.js
app : https://satvik2131.netlify.app/
code : GitHub - satvik2131/react-fiber-cannon-game
satvik_kushwaha.pdf (247.9 KB)

Kindly let me know , if I can join the team .
Thanks for having the patience to read
Have a good day