From Paris to Marseille

Hello, I’ve just finished my new portfolio, which includes a 3D Macbook and a funny interactive scene showing some differences between Paris, France and Marseille (on the seaside).
Have Fun!


The concept with birds was interesting and mignon. I was secretly hoping they will start to do more birdy things (like trashing the trash bins, stealing food from people, covering cars with … with bird ‘bombs’).

But most likely you do not want to distract the visitors of your site.

BTW, is tha camera panning enabled on purpose? It is possible to move the scene beyond the camera far plane.

Shadow edge

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to fix that (I am a newbie on three js)

Now this became a loop hole

Yep. Try to put the ball on the chair now :wink:

I fixed it! thanks

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I wonder why not when I click the mouse on ground, a piece of food appears, and bird comes and eat it. Instead of bird just come and standing

Because I think it is more funny like that (and more Development challenges too) don’t you think?
You can play with the seagull instead, if you don’t like to feed birds :wink: