Fbx2gltf conversion problem

Using FBx2GLTF to convert FBX to GLTF, the model is 100 times smaller and the material color is darker, How to fix this problem?
In addition, are there any batch conversion methods.

This is a common problem when bringing FBX files into three.js - it’s not related to the converter, you would probably have the same issue when directly loading the FBX file.

You can just apply a scale factor of 100 to fix it.

This may mean your textures are in the wrong color space. The glTF converter will be (correctly) setting texture.encoding = sRGBEncoding on color maps, however if the maps themselves are not in sRGB then you can get incorrect results.

Try manually setting texture.encoding = LinearEncoding for any color textures in the model and see if that fixes it.

Alternatively, if all colors are wrong in your scene and not just from this model, you may be doing some wrong with color management.

See this guide: