Use gltf-loader might lose the color

Hi,i am new to three.js.when i use GltfLoader to load .gltf, i come across a problem.
i export .dae from revit,image .then, i get this image image . i use COLLADA2GLTF-bin convert .dae to .gltf.but when i use gltfLoader to load it.It might lose the color

.i am confused, please help me,thanks in advance.

Can you please share the Collada file and the converted glTF asset?

If the COLLADA file looks correct in something like Blender, but the glTF file does not look correct in, you may want to report a bug on COLLADA2GLTF. Another option would be to import the COLLADA file to Blender 2.8, ensure that all materials use the Principled BSDF material type, then export as glTF.

thank you for your reply.the .gltf do run incorrectly.but i think it might not COLLADA2GLTF’s fault.can you give me some advice to export .ifc from revit 2018.when i use IfcConvert try to convert .ifc to .dae.i get an error,like thisimage .therefor, i think it might be revit’s problem…thank you in advance.

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im so sorry to waste you too much time.
those are my file,thank you very much.

i load the images successful,

,however,the color is too light.i will solve it by so grateful for guys’ answer