Three glTFExporter

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I want to render my three js scene in Blender,

So i export it in GLTF with the glTFExporter module but all colors of all materials are lost…

Not exactly : colors appears a little, sometimes, on some faces… Like you can see in the following picture :

The images textures seems well exported, and when i look in the gltf json, i can see that colors are exported… again a screenshot of that :

I am looking for the solution since days, but i don’t find… I have optimized all i can, so all material are in MeshStandardMaterial and the GLTF exporter warn nothing no more (just that it prefers bufferGeometry) but when i import the GLTF file in Blender, all is gray, and when i render, all is purple, except some little parts of objects indicated by the arrows in the image above.

I really feel alone, now, with this problem… :slight_smile:

Is someone know the solution ?
Or is there a better Exporter, or a better way to render ?

Here a screenshot of the scene with good colors in three js :

Thanks a lot per advance

That usually means the texture files are missing or the paths are incorrect.

Yes, but the textures are embedded, and appears, there is just one, and i can see it a bit on the back wall

The problem is only with the colors…

And the colors are also in the file, and appear just a little on certain faces… an UV problem ?

I already work on several 3D softwares, but not often at all, and so i understand well enough but i am absolutely not a specialist :slight_smile:

…So i tried the same only with Blender : import .obj → export .gltf → import gltf : no problem…
But with Three JS : import .obj → export .gltf → import .gltf in blender (the bad result is above)

So i tried to compare these two GLTF files, but… kdiff or online json comparators don’t like big files with embedded images and with/without end of lines, etc…

So… I made one, to sort and compare the Blender GLTF and the Three JS GLTF … …If it can helps someone to help me, that would be great :slight_smile: