Converting fbx to glb

I have a fbx file which I want to convert it to glb file using three.js.
The model that I am trying to convert looks like this:-

The technique that currently I am using to convert is:-

  1. User selects the file and File Reader reads it as an ArrayBuffer.
  2. Pass the arrayBuffer to FBXLoader.parse function which returns me an object that I add it to the scene.
  3. Then using GLTFExporter, I export that scene and download the resultant file.

The resultant glb file that I get has distorted texture as shown below.

The edges are not smooth anymore.

  1. Is there any better way using three.js to convert fbx to glb??
  2. Any idea why the texture is broken and how can I fix that?
  1. Could you share a sample of the FBX model that you’re using?
  2. Does the parsed FBX render properly before converting it to gltf (before export) ?

Does it work if you perform the conversion with:

  1. Due to privacy reason, I can’t share the file. But Let me check with some other fbx file and send it over to you.
  2. Before exporting:-

We can’t tell from the image if the FBX file is loading correctly — you will likely need to find out yourself whether the FBX model is loading incorrectly, or the glTF model is exporting incorrectly. It may be easier to do this conversion in Blender.